3 Reasons to Adopt Smart Home Automation

3 Reasons to Adopt Smart Home Automation

Big Savings

Year over year, smart homes quietly accumulate measurable savings without any need of owner input. But how? In this instance, it’s a cumulative effect. Like a snowball rolling downhill. But this is the kind of snowball that slips cash into your wallet at the end of the month. Thanks snowball!

The first, and probably easiest to guess, is your utility bills. Smart homes have an ability to monitor, and tap into most every appliance/fixture in the house. Meaning, they can identify and reduce the amount of energy some of them pull when you’re away. Take your water heater for example. Stop running it when you’re gone! Or the air conditioner. No need to cool a home to 72 when everyone is away or at work. Up it to 76.

Homeowners insurance discounts have a part to play on the savings too. Employing a monitored security system will drop your monthly bill. So will fire and smoke detectors. These little changes have a big effect when extrapolated over a month, or even year.

Green Technology

The reduction of energy consumption and green living go hand in hand. As mentioned previously, you can save some money by adopting home automation. The best part is that you get to feel good about lessening your ecological footprint while your at it.

As it currently stands, America is the second largest energy consuming country on the planet. Only China has the edge over the United States, whilst maintaining over four times as many residents. Inevitably, the strain of energy production will hamper the American economy and regulations/fees will be put into place to make up for it. So why not get ahead of the curve? Installing a smart home system is a future-proof way of contributing towards a more ecological country.

Enhance Your Home

As they say, home is where the heart is. And rightfully so. It becomes your oasis. The plot upon which you plant your flag. So why not enjoy it? In comes the technology of today, and the subsequent automation we’ve been dreaming about since “The Jetsons” first aired. While we may be a ways off in terms of flying cars, the smart home industry has made leaps and bounds over the past two decades.

Enjoy your music anywhere with whole home audio. Watch the newest releases in your very own home cinema. Change the mood of any room at the touch of a button. The possibilities are endless. Learn all the ways you can better enjoy your home today. Consultations are always free, and we’d love to hear from you!

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