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Audio/Video Nerds

Remember those kids in AV Club that everyone loved to hassle back in high school? Well, it turns out they made a smart bet when they decided to stick with a near future-proof hobby that ultimately developed into a thriving business! Who’s laughing now (insert high school bully’s name)? Anyways, our love of all things both audio and video has never wavered.

  • Lifelong Obsession – As intimated above, we love speakers and TV’s. Ask us anything, we’ll probably know the answer.

  • M&K Dealer – Did you know that Dolby Labs used M&K speakers for the development of now industry-leader Dolby Digital? Saying they’re awesome speakers is an understatement.

  • JBL Synthesis Certified – We’ll more than happily build you the home theater of your dreams using JBL Synthesis, a world leader in acoustics, audio system designs, speaker technology, amplifiers and equalization.

  • Projection & So Much More – We can guarantee you’ll thoroughly enjoy you’re new set up. Whatever it may be.

Today’s Entertainment

The great outdoors are a wonderful thing. Green grass, sunshine, trees, and rocks, and stuff… You know what’s really cool, though? The incredibly immersive cinematic experience we can accomplish in-home these days! Why leave the house when you’ve got near indifferentiable conditions in your basement? Sans the ever omnipresent mosquitoes, pollen and sunburns.

While we may be joking (half-heartedly or not) about never leaving the house in favor of your home theater, we’re certainly not kidding about the quality of audio/visual products today. The amazingly detailed resolutions and crystal clear sounds produced will leave you wondering whether or not to call in sick tomorrow. If you, like most people, enjoy listening to and/or seeing things as they were intended, then call us. We can make your dreams a reality.

Enjoy Smarter Living

There’s never been a better time to adopt a modern lifestyle and all the amenities it affords. Your home (and its inhabitants) will thank you.