Residential Automation Services

Technology has come a long way since the birth of domotics in the early 80’s. While we love lamp timers as much as the next guy, today’s systems allow for far more control.

We proudly offer the best available product in the smart home industry today, Savant, described as “the automation brand of choice for the world’s most luxurious homes, castles, and even yachts.” Learn more about our available services in the list below.


Home automation incorporates every facet of a domicile’s functionality into one easy-to-use system.

  • Simple Interface – Exceptionally easy to understand systems eliminate headaches/frustration.

  • Easily Accessible – Control every feature via phone, tablet, or remote.
  • Distinctive Design – It will both work fantastically, and look great.
Home Automation Services of Ohio
Home Audio Video Services of Ohio


Crisp audio and clear visuals are just the beginning of our Audio/Video services. Whole home entertainment being the end.

  • Dedicated Theater Room – Movie night just got a lot more exciting.

  • Whole Home Audio – Visible/hidden speakers produce pitch-perfect sound in every room of the house.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Solutions – Make your patio great again.


Motion activated lights, HD cameras and remote locks ensure you and your family’s peace-of-mind, home or away.

  • Know Who’s Knocking – Never guess “Who can it be now” again.

  • Crime Deterrent – Per UNC Charlotte, burglars noted surveillance equipment as the single greatest impediment when identifying targets.

  • Reduced Premiums – Homeowners insurance company’s offer discounts to houses with monitored security systems.
Smart Home Security of Ohio


Lights dim half, shades draw full, and ceiling fans set low, all upon entering a room. The choices are endless.

  • Set the Mood – Dim by time of day, event, or general inclination!

  • Replace Fewer Bulbs – Not only will you save money, you’ll also reduce the unnecessary “lit hours” on the bulb.

  • Be More Comfortable – Every room of the house will maintain perfect conditions without need of manual input.


Energy efficiency is here to stay. Reduce your energy bills and ecological footprint without lifting a finger.

  • Season Proof – Blankets and duvets become optional.

  • Increase Resale Value – When evaluating a home’s worth, high-efficiency HVAC systems assuredly have a positive impact.

  • Felt but Unheard – Sound absorbing technology ensures a lesser operating noise than the models of yesteryear.
Smart Home HVAC of Ohio


Quick, effective communication is the backbone of every professionally-built network. Ours are even better.

  • Lightning Fast – The corresponding action dictated by user input happens immediately, if not sooner.

  • Power Saving – Our professionally installed systems only use energy when, and if, they need to.

  • Ultra-Dependable – Designed to run smoothly and without issue.

Own a Business?

Our commercial solutions are meant to give your business the competitive edge it requires. We excel in every manner of audio/video project; large-scale to small, and everything in between.

No matter the establishment, we can save you both time and money with our integration efforts. We will work directly with you to achieve the most cost-effective solution.