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Energy Saver

Lighting may very well be the easiest way to stack up savings in a smart home. This is largely due to the fact that you won’t have to think about them anymore! Unless you want to, of course. With the progression of lighting technology has come many benefits. Not just to your wallet either. Here’s some of the ways smart lighting can improve the look, feel and functionality of your home.

  • Savant LED – Garner longer, more energy-efficient illumination with Savant’s new LED technology

  • Moods – Looking to wind down after a long day of work? Or maybe liven it up for company. Set the scene however you wish with the simple push of a button.

  • Ease of Access – Total control over every light in the house at your fingertips.

In Living Color

An ancillary thought for far too long, illumination has rightfully come into it’s own in recent years thanks to advancements in bulbs, WiFi and Bluetooth technology. The ability to control your surroundings so simply, certainly has mass appeal. However, the functionality that becomes available when properly integrated to a smart home has wider ranging benefits than one might assume.

Take vacation mode for example. This nifty setting ceases all lights from burning within the home, saving you money. You also have the ability to turn lights on/off at certain times. Say, the foyer, or a bedroom to give off the impression someone’s home. Another great feature is the blue light filter. Considering 95% of Americans use an electronic device within one hour of trying to sleep, and we all know that the emitted blue light of these devices tricks our body into believing it’s daytime, you may sleep better as a result! Sick of the wall color? Try it in a different light. Soon you’ll be singing the praises of smart lighting too.

Enjoy Smarter Living

There’s never been a better time to adopt a modern lifestyle and all the amenities it affords. Your home (and its inhabitants) will thank you.