Commercial Solutions

Maximize your company’s potential.

Business Automation Services

While residential automation may get the most press, commercial automation certainly makes the biggest difference in overall savings. Outfitting a place of business, be it office or restaurant, will have a marked impact on monthly utilities, and therefore, your bottom line.

  • One Touch Control – Control the entire room at the push of a button.

  • Flexibility – Since no two companies are the same, each project will be exclusive.

  • Dependable Equipment – Reliability you can count on in front of a crowd.

Because of these qualities, the burden of repetitive user input, specific to your project, is eliminated. Our business systems are built to meet the unique needs of each individual client. How can we help you?

The Whitman Difference

Most every automation company you contact will say something to the effect of “We’re the best there is, and can do it the cheapest to boot!” Those two qualities rarely ever coincide, though. The best is rarely the cheapest, and vice versa. We make no claims of being the cheapest. However, we can make a solid argument for being the best. Our body of work, and subsequent clientele have echoed such statements since the birth of the business.

“Why’s that?” you may ask. Well, it’s because we’re perfectionists at heart. That’s the niche we’ve carved for ourselves. We can guarantee your project will be completed to the best possible specifications allowed for by both current technology, and human methodology. In fact, you may be interested to know that a good portion of our business is cleaning up the finished product of our competitors. When you want it done right, call us.

Our Wheelhouse

While not an exhaustive list, you’ll find most every type of business/facility we’ve had the pleasure of upgrading, located below. Don’t see what you’ve got in mind? No worries! If you receive an electric bill, we can help.

  • Conference Rooms – Quit fumbling with unnecessary wires and remotes and get some real work done.

  • Bars/Restaurants – Make your restaurant a destination for gameday!

  • Performing Arts/Auditoriums – Perfect audio for perfect performances.
  • Churches/Worship Centers – Speakers tuned for clear, audible speech.
  • Hotels – Attract the business crowd, and the conferences associated with them.

  • Department Stores/Shopping Malls – Put, and keep, potential customers in the buying mood.

  • Gymnasiums/Sports Facilities – Kick your practices up a notch!
  • Stadiums – Jobs don’t get any bigger than this. Choose the company you’ll work with (pick us!) wisely.

Be a Better Business

Expand your sphere of influence, engage in more productive meetings, and impress a few clients while you’re at it. Lets take your company to the next level.