JBL Synthesis Certified Dealer

JBL Synthesis Certified

We at Whitman Automation are proud to announce our newest certification. Yes, I’m sure you guessed it after reading the title… we’re JBL Synthesis Certified! Great work everybody. Let’s wrap this up and go home, right? Don’t go just yet! It would be easy to misconstrue this accomplishment as, “Just another trophy on the mantle.” However, it represents so very much more. Specifically, to those seeking one of the BEST home theater experience on the planet. Which would subsequently put it in the running for best in galaxy, possibly universe. Hard to say for sure on that last one. Definitely solar system, though.

If you’re an audio buff, you’re likely nodding in agreement right now. Also, you’ve probably read similar articles to this one, where we drool all over what JBL Synthesis speakers are, and ultimately represent. For the uninoculated, we’ll let you in on a terribly kept secret. JBL Synthesis is widely considered one of the best all-around audio brands on earth (as previously stated) and represents the apex of residential theater technology today. Assuredly, someone out there just muttered to themselves, “Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” Okay, Mr. Lebowski, but not really. Here’s why…


Yep, evidence. Plain and simple. Per the editor, and internationally recognized tech journalist, Steve French of TechGuide, “JBL is a world leader when it comes to acoustics, audio system designs, speaker technology, amplifiers and equalization. And that’s all backed by research, objective measurements and blind testing. That was good enough for me.” Notice how he says “That was good enough for me,” in the previous statement? That’s because he put one in his house. For further proof, just read this next quote by Mr. French, “I have a JBL Synthesis system that puts a smile on my face every time I switch it on to watch a movie.” I don’t know about you but I’m sold.

Buy It

Now that we’re all in agreement, let’s circle back to the true purpose of this article. That is, to sell you a JBL Synthesis System! Okay, maybe that was a bit forward. Regardless, Whitman Automation is proudly JBL Synthesis Certified, and ready/willing to design, install & calibrate the home theater of your dreams, should you want one. Call it an educated guess, but if you’ve made it this far into the post, we’re guessing you’re interested.

So, what should you do from here? Call us for a free quote. Yes, really. Pick up your phone, wipe the Synthesis induced drool from your face (happens to all of us, no worries), punch in our phone number, then hit the green button. We’ll gladly walk you through the whole process, beginning to end, and offer an honest recommendation. Once you get off the phone, be sure to check out the JBL Synthesis Installation Gallery, and start dreaming up your own world-class, in-home, movie experience!

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