New Certifications for 2018 and Beyond

Whitman Automation - HTA Certified 3

HTA Certified

We are very proud to announce a recent pair of certifications for the business. Whitman Automation is now Home Technology Association (HTA) Certified, and a Savant Ambassador! We’ve been keeping busy this spring, and it’s resulted in the recognition of our Manufacturers, Architects, and Contractors.

As such, the HTA has awarded our company a certification for our “stellar reputation in the marketplace.” Beyond reputation, HTA stated that Whitman Automation possess, “…a demonstrated history of providing high-quality aftercare service and technical competence, [as well as] the ability to deliver high-performance enterprise-grade computer networks.”

Savant Ambassador

Normally, such an event would require a press release of its own. This is the type of compliment any business would be thrilled to acquire!  However, HTA’s certification then resulted in the recognition of our main manufacturer, Savant.

Upon acceptance of HTA’s award, we were welcomed into the ranks of Savant’s Ambassador Tier. Per Savant’s definition, “Savant Ambassadors are dealers that have been identified and recognized for their commitment to sales and product knowledge across all key Savant product categories, including:

  • Savant Audio & Video Distribution
  • Savant User Interfaces, including remotes, touch panels and apps
  • Savant Energy, Lighting & Shading Solutions
  • Savant Climate
  • Artison Speakers

Savant Ambassadors are also recognized for their supportive role in designing and evaluating new technology, including participation in Savant’s extensive beta program.

Savant Ambassadors have the highest level of support from Savant, including early-access to new products and software as well as priority technical assistance.”

Commitment to Excellence

As anyone whose worked with us in the past knows, we are not only devoted to the proper functionality and seamless integration of your equipment, but to the education and customer care aspect of your new automation system as well. Your ability to operate, and understand, the systems installed is of equal importance to the components themselves.

Since inception, we’ve retained a great deal of our clientele largely in part to our core belief that every customer will always remain as a name, not a number. The only difference between then and now is that we’ve got the HTA and Savant certifications to prove it!

So, what does this mean for you, dear potential customer? It means you can rest assured that the service we provide is of the highest quality. That statement is something our customers have willfully stated for years. Consequently, our peers are now saying it as well.

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